Friday, August 5, 2011

Some of the Best Stuff I've Ever Used

There are certain things in life I just can't live without.  Like my husband, my son, my cats...  chocolate and Pepsi... 

When you're into crafting, or just generally doing things yourself (like I am), you come across some really invaluable "stuff" to get the job done.  Here is my ode to the things I can't live without.

1. Duct Tape.  Especially the "clear" duct tape.  Sure, duct tape is now made in several fashionable colors (have you seen the duct tape prom dresses?  Oh my word...).  I prefer to have a roll or two of the clear duct tape laying around.  I use it for everything.  One roll will hold up your broken car window through two windows, or your side mirror onto your car when you bust it off on a pole (oops).  It will also serve as a makeshift bandage with a shop towel when you slice your finger fixing said car (ouch).  Duct tape holds half of my desk together (never buying a desk from Office Max again).  We received a roll of leopard print duct tape as a wedding gift.  I was overjoyed.

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2.  Blue painter's tape.  Along the lines of duct tape, the versatility of blue painter's tape is impressive.  This is the tape you buy when you want to mask off your baseboards while painting to have a nice clean line.  But the uses don't stop there, oh no!  I use little pieces of painter's tape on the ends of all my spools of ribbon to keep them nice and neat.  I use it to secure my jewelry for pictures on Etsy.  It's also holding pieces of my desk together.  Because it doesn't leave a residue like the normal beige masking tape, I use it to hang my son's artwork around the house.  I've also used it as a makeshift bandage (I'm clumsy, sue me)  All this for only $3!!!

3.  Crafter's Goop or E6000.  As I've only recently started using E6000 (for everything), most of my experience has been with Crafter's Goop.  The Goop line in general is wonderful.  It serves the same purpose as crazy glue, without the brittleness.  I can't even begin to list all the things I've fixed with Crafter's Goop.  My desk is one I know for sure (stupid desk...) 

When I started making my two piece cufflinks, it was recommended to use E6000.  If it can hold together cufflinks being worn by two 8 year old boys hyped up on sugar and caffeine and who knows what else for about 10 hours on my wedding day, it's going to withstand just about anything anyone else throws at it.   

Cufflinks.  Brought to you by E6000.  This is after the wedding, BTW. 

4.  Sharpie Markers.  Ahhhh  Sharpies.  Really, who can contest their worth?  I use them to write out shipping labels, mark items like backpacks with names, just everything.  I have no less than 4 different types of Sharpies around me at any given time.  Did you know they make Sharpie Pens now, too?  No?  You need to get some.  That's not a request. 

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Four things doesn't seem like much, but when you think about it, it's really enough to get you through a catastrophe. 

--Molly H.


  1. I just discovered the E6000 myself. I have big plans with glass projects. Glad to hear it works so well. Now I know I bought the right stuff.

  2. It's kind of a pain, it's not crazy tacky at first, but after you clamp it and let it dry, it's extremely strong.

  3. I love Aleene's Tacky glue too! E600o makes my head hurt. It does work well though.

  4. Thanks! I'm always looking for a good glue!